Music of the Maker 1.5

INTERVIEWER: Welcome to Music of the Maker, where I’m with writer DeZré Storm to discuss how she used music to help her craft the first book of her Erotic Sci-Fi Adventure Glory Dogs Series.

Today, we’re looking at the second male aspect of the series, Dog-Four Squadron Leader, Jeremy “Sanction” Weaver and what songs represent this character, who is the secondary hero of the story.

Hi, DeZ

DEZRÉ:  Hey there.

INTERVIEWER: In the previous interview, you talked about some of the struggles of writing erotica and how going into the genre was a bit of a surprise for you. What do you think is the biggest challenge of being an erotica writer?

DEZRÉ:  You know, the funny thing about writers is we all have trouble writing.

*shared laughter*

DEZRÉ:  It can be difficult to get your thoughts out, even more so when you think a story is going one way and it completely swings the next once the characters get on the page. But, in an effort to be completely honest, the Glory Dogs series is really just me doing my own thing. I didn’t want to change the red scenes or cut the sensuality of Kitten out of the story because being Prime is a part of her journey, and I just couldn’t take it away and stay true to her. So, I went with it and self published because traditional publishers weren’t particularly thrilled about her.

The biggest issue with that is being taken seriously as an erotica writer. If I say “I write erotica” it suddenly places me in a category of not being a “real writer” to many people. These people will often skip my story and not even consider it because of its classification. However, I can’t classify the work without letting the erotic nature of my heroine be known right off the bat, because I don’t want to surprise my reader.

Truly, Glory Dogs is a Sci-Fi with erotic elements, but those elements are strong enough to put it squarely in erotica.


Surprisingly, I had one reader who loves erotica, but found my books have too much story and complexity for their tastes. So, it really just all depends.  I think all cross-genre writers have the same issue of finding “their readers”. That’s the toughest part.

But, I’m confident there are plenty of people who want their sci-fi, action, adventure and mature sexual encounters all rolled into one. We’ll find each other.

INTERVIEWER:  *laughs* Indeed we will. So, let’s talk about the character you’ve labeled as your favorite in the series, Jeremy Sanction Weaver. *questioning glance * Are authors even allowed to have favorites?

DEZRÉ:  *big laugh* I’m not sure. But, I do. Is it a crime?

INTERVIEWER: *shutting left eye* I wonder if it’s a crime.

DEZRÉ:  Well, regardless, he is my favorite.

INTERVIEWER: And he’s got his own story to tell in book two?

DEZRÉ:  Yep.

INTERVIEWER: *leaning forward* What makes him your favorite?

DEZRÉ:  Oh, he’s so human. *places palm to heart* He’s a wild card. As an empath, he leaves you not too sure about what to think of him. Sanction is eclectic, to say the least. The rules in his life are loose, yet he’s very moral and unwavering.

INTERVIEWER: Does that mean he has a lot of songs?

DEZRÉ:  Surprisingly, no. I find that as the character’s move along their songs do change, but for him there are two in the first work.

INTERVIEWER: An internal and external?

DEZRÉ:  *Smiles* Man, you’re good at this game.

*shared laughter*

INTERVIEWER: It’s such a complicated system you’ve got going on here. *sarcasm*

DEZRÉ:  *grins* Indeed. Sanction is a feeler and so his songs speak mostly of his internal state, but you only get a peek at the internal nature of him in Forged Through Glory (FTG). His internal song is by Linkin Park. It’s “Crawling”.

INTERVIEWER: Interesting choice. How does he relate to that song?

DEZRÉ:  Well, when we meet Sanction, he’s a very strong character. You can count on him. You can lean on him. But, his outward appearance masks his true nature and the reality of how he thinks and feels. Because book one’s focus is on creating our mixed mod family and beginning the rocky relationship between Kitten and Dog, you only get a glimpse of how Sanction sees himself.

INTERVIEWER:  So, we get a deeper look into him in book two?

DEZRÉ:  Exactly. For the first installment, I mostly used “Crawling” and his second song (also by Linkin Park) “What I’ve Done” to define his internal character. Those songs speak more about his back story and the depths of our Phylon friend.

INTERVIEWER:  Uh-Oh. Sounds like there’s a definite internal storm going on there.

DEZRÉ:  Well, he’s an empath. *shrugs* He can feel and manipulate emotion. If he feels  negatively on a personal level about actions he may have committed, he beats himself up. I think we all know someone like that, which is why I find his character so fascinating. I mean, Dog’s cut and dry to me. All male, all alpha and a complete pain in the ass for an independent female. Sanction….well, he’s something else. He has a definite need to attach himself to Dog. I think these songs by Linkin Park reflect that.

INTERVIEWER:  And we find out why in book two?

DEZRÉ:  Yeah. I consider that his book. *grins* After all, he’s on the cover.

INTERVIEWER: *snickers and rolls eyes* Smartass.

DEZRÉ:  Yeah. I try.

*shared snickers*

INTERVIEWER: How did these songs help you in formulating his actions in FTG?

DEZRÉ:  In his case, I used the moods of these songs to give the readers hints here and there of how he truly saw himself. I think when you get to the part of the story where all hell breaks loose at the rock face, you get a good look at the level of self-loathing he endures on a daily basis.

INTERVIEWER: *light bulb moment* Oh, I get it. When they’re in the pod?

DEZRÉ:  *grins* That’s the part. I really hit you with the depths of his story and we get to explore more about why he would say such things in book two. That scene is a bit of a primer. What Sanction doesn’t know is he’s a real asset for placing the team on a collision course with destiny in Glory Among Thieves. *holds hands up palms out* But, I’m not saying anymore. No spoilers.

INTERVIEWER:  *grins* Okay, fair enough. Before we go, do you have any D Storm Novel News?

DEZRÉ:  Well, it’s February and D Storm Novels is doing February Free Friday’s again this year. We are offering FTG for free every Friday this month.

INTERVIEWER: Well, that’s our installment for the week. Join us next time when we talk about scene soundtrack selections and get some cool songs to listen too during parts of the novel.

Thanks for stopping in. Your love and support are much appreciated. Feel free to comment on the blog or just say hello on Twitter. (@dezrestorm)


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