Music of the Maker 1.4

Welcome to Music of the Maker:

INTERVIEWER: Welcome to Music of the Maker, where I’m with writer DeZré Storm to discuss how she used music to help her craft the first book of the Erotic Sci-Fi Adventure Glory Dogs Series.

Today, we’re looking at the male aspect of the series, Dog-Four Squadron’s Sergeant, Brinks “Watch” Dog and what songs represent this character, who is the main hero of the story.

Once again, before we get started, in the previous interview you mentioned having a hard time getting into the erotic mindset. For all those writers out there that may be having the same issue, what advice can you give them?

DEZRÉ:  For me, I did a lot of research. When I say research, I mean looking over “how to” books and reading a lot of smut. *grin* A lot. I think it’s important to know what kind of stories score high smut ratings so you can wrap your head around what type of writing you’ll be doing.

Also, pay attention to which phrases or circumstances within the story strike the best response in you as a writer. That gives you an idea of what works.

INTERVIEWER: Hm. That seems strange. Your scenes don’t come across as smut.

DEZRÉ:  I tend to tie a lot more spirituality into my red scenes. By spirituality, I don’t mean religious stuff, but the deeper energetic connection between participants. I can handle the description of soul unity. With my kind of outlook on the human connection, one can lose all the hot bits of the interaction. It’s a delicate balance for me to have both steam and connection. I normally have to work at the steam. Like I said, I’m not a natural erotica writer. Kitten’s mod makes sexual interactions a necessity.

INTERVIEWER: Does that mean future titles won’t contain sexual interactions?

DEZRÉ:  *laughs* Kitten kind of opened up a can of worms for me. I didn’t expect to be writing in this genre, but as my debut heroine, I’m stuck with it. I felt her story needed to be told and she brought some very interesting men along with her with stories of their own. It was a leap a faith for both of us. I might not satisfy every erotica lover out there, but those whom become my fans can rest assured I’ll continue to provide quality red scenes. No matter how much I have to research. *grins* It’s not like the research is torture or anything.

INTERVIEWER: Phew. I got scared for a minute.

*shared laughter*

DEZRÉ:  I’m grateful you enjoy my writing and characters.

INTERVIEWER: Knowing the detail behind your creations help.

DEZRÉ:  *smiles* And, that’s why we’re here, to talk about your favorite boy toy, Brinks Dog.

INTERVIEWER: *smiles* Oh yes. His theme song. He’s graced with two as well. Can I assume he has both an external and internal motivational tune?

DEZRÉ:  *nods* That tends to be the way of it.

INTERVIEWER: So which band gets to represent the universes best built bad ass? *snicker*

DEZRÉ:  5FDP! Of course.

*shared laughter*

INTERVIEWER: That’s definitely a kick ass band.

DEZRÉ:  Agreed. Brinks takes both his songs from Five Finger Death Punch. I think we both know what his external song is:

*in unison* “Bad Company”

*shared laughter*

DEZRÉ:  You got it. He takes this song on in part because he is a Helion and the universes best built bad ass, as you call him. Then there’s the obvious rocky relationship with Kitten.

INTERVIEWER: Will those two ever get along…outside of the bedroom, I mean?

DEZRÉ:  Ugh. Those two. *rolls eyes* I’m not going to spoil it for you. Just hang in there.

INTERVIEWER: Well, crap. *grins* You know I’m a 5FDP fan too.

DEZRÉ:  *nods* I think maybe that’s why you like him so much. You can relate to him through his theme songs. His internal song, Far From Home, shows a softer side.

INTERVIEWER: *gasp* I love that song.

DEZRÉ:  For Brinks, the song really touches on how he feels about his relationship with his family, and his people. It shows a longing for acceptance and the inability to touch the goodness that is Atiana. I mean, he is casted away and it has a profound effect on him, even though he is built like a human tank.

He gets brief moments of goodness with Kitten in this installment and then it all gets ripped away, which helps drive home how much of Atiana’s heaven he’s missing. Really, it’s his companions which introduce new concepts to him and help develop his character throughout the series.

INTERVIEWER: And there’s no better side kick out there for a Helion than Jeremy.

DEZRÉ:  I would say Phylons in general work well with Helions. Sanction makes him a better leader, but Kitten makes him a better man. You can’t be an alpha without being both.

INTERVIEWER: Will we be seeing anymore Phylons in the story?

DEZRÉ:  Oh yeah. They’re coming. You’ll be seeing a lot more of this world and not just in the Glory Dogs series.

INTERVIEWER: Oh yay! *raises fists overhead* Well thanks for coming out today to share the songs of my big hottie.

DEZRÉ:  *laughs* You’re welcomed.

INTERVIEWER: That’s our installment for this week. Join us next time when we talk about everyone’s favorite Phylon, Jeremy “Sanction” Weaver. Before we go, do you have an D Storm Novel News?

DEZRÉ:  Oh yeah, D Storm Novels is doing a giveaway this week of its SPICE brand book “Have Your Cake” by Author D.S. Roi. You can enter to win 1 of 5 ebook copies at

Contest ends Jan. 22, 2016.

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