Music of the Maker 1.3

Welcome to Music of the Maker:

INTERVIEWER: Hi everyone, and welcome back to Music of the Maker, where I (the interviewer) am with writer DeZré Storm to discuss how she used music to help her craft the first book of the Erotic Sci-Fi Adventure Glory Dogs Series.

Happy New Year DeZ.

DEZRÉ:  Happy New Year to you and all my fans. I hope you all had a safe and fabulous holiday.

INTERVIEWER: I know I did. *grin* Before we get started with discussing your rocking Glory Dogs soundtrack, give me the scoop. What projects are on the table, or should I say tablet, this year?

DEZRÉ: OMG. *sighs* I keep myself covered up pretty well. Mainly because my muse is not trainable. *laughs*. D Storm Novels has two brands. Author D.S Roi writes sweet multicultural romances under the S.P.I.C.E brand. In that line there are four projects in the works.


DEZRÉ: Yes. See? Pretty covered up. Then there is the W.H.O.A brand that you love with all the sci-fi action and erotica. Under that brand there are two projects. And yes, Glory Dogs Book 3 is one of them.

INTERVIEWER: Wow. That is busy.

DEZRÉ: *shrugs* That’s how I roll. As far as the Glory Dogs series goes, I’ve got some characters that I’ll be bringing through on a freebie. The unfinished title is Project E. It’s rolling along really well and I hope to have it out later this year.  Project E will take place in the Glory Dog world, but will have an all new cast of characters and situations.

INTERVIEWER: Yay! Great news for all us Glory Dog lovers.

DEZRÉ: *smiles* I’m glad you’re happy.

INTERVIEWER: Thanks for sharing. Let’s get started with the music, shall we?

DEZRÉ: Let’s do this.

*shared laughter*

INTERVIEWER: Today, we’re continuing to look at the heroine of the series, Yoland “Kitten” Sleek. In the previous interview, DeZ, you mentioned often using songs to “channel” a character.  What role does Kitten’s second character song play?

DEZRÉ:  The second song for her shows a softer side. It’s like a longing of the heart. She seeks safety for her family, but has endured a lifestyle that doesn’t provide that. In response, she tosses herself out of one dangerous profession into another with efforts to have safety provided.

INTERVIEWER: Kind of an out of the frying pan and into the fire situation?

DEZRÉ:  Well, I would call it more of an out of the fire and into the frying pan situation. Though becoming a member of the CORE is dangerous, it provides her a level of physical protection her normal world doesn’t. So, it seems like a plus to her. The song she chose to represent her internal longing is Royals by Lorde.

See it here! Lorde Royals

INTERVIEWER: When dealing with your main characters, do they ever share a song?

DEZRÉ: *Chortle* Yeah. Funny you would ask that. There was a song that I played in order to get into the erotic mindset of Sergeant Brinks Dog. When I started writing this series, I had no intention of being an erotica author, so I had to try and capture the carnal mind.

INTERVIEWER: What do you mean by not intending to be an erotica author?

DEZRÉ: I actually started out wanting to write romantic suspense. In the process of failing to do so,*smiles* I started writing FTG. So, here I was, a member of a romantic suspense chapter churning out tons of Sci-Fi. What made the book erotic was Kitten. As a Prime, she had to represent an intensely erotic nature, and she hated that side of her. The best thing I could do to bring out that part of her was shove her in front of an animal.

*shared laughter*

INTERVIEWER: I take it that animal was Sergeant Brinks Dog?

DEZRÉ: *nods* Absolutely. She was the worst thing that could happen to him. Her introduction disrupts his thinking, command and ability to stay on his own mission filled with family issues. Having to deal with these two nut cases definitely brought my focus to both their erotic natures. I really had to work at interjecting that into the book. Not that you could tell.

INTERVIEWER: *laughs* I would never have guessed that. With the amount of sensuality in the novel, it seems second nature.

DEZRÉ: It is to Yoland, but not for me. Since the story is character driven and the Prime are a pleasure breed, I had to work extra at it. Erotic thinking isn’t my strength. I had to research and practice writing the scenes. Having a song that expresses the purely carnal side of humanity really helped me focus on that part of the story. It was Closer by Nine Inch Nails that really helped me express the longing Brinks has for Kitten.

INTERVIEWER: Oh, that one’s candid.

DEZRÉ: Yep. It’s very carnal, up front and crude, *grins* just like Brinks. I think the song represents the unrefined and animalistic nature of humanity. Unrefined is definitely how the Helion people are seen by all the other mods in the story.

See it here! Nine Inch Nails (Director’s Cut) *CONTAINS NUDITY*

INTERVIEWER: Since you had two songs for Kitten, does that mean you have more than one for Brinks as well?

DEZRÉ: *smiles* Yep.

INTERVIEWER: Great. We’ll discuss that on the next installment.

DEZRÉ: Cool. Thanks for having me. See ya next time.

Note from DeZ:

Thanks for stopping in. Your love and support are much appreciated. Feel free to comment on the blog or just say hello on Twitter. (@dezrestorm)

If you are one of my fans, check out and like the Glory Dogs page on Facebook.

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