Music of the Maker 1.2

FTG 99 centsWelcome to Music of the Maker:

INTERVIEWER: Hi everyone, and welcome back to Music of the Maker, where I (the interviewer) am with Writer DeZré Storm to discuss how she used music to help her craft the first book of the Erotic Sci-Fi Adventure Glory Dogs Series.

*looks to DeZ* What’s up, DeZ?

DEZRÉ: *grins* Hello, and thanks for having me. It’s nice to see you again.

INTERVIEWER: You as well. Now, I’ve been looking over the last interview and it raised some additional questions outside of music.

DEZRÉ: I don’t mind. Fire away.

INTERVIEWER: Great! Here we are on the release week of book 2: Glory Among Thieves. Yet, in the last installment, you mentioned that Glory Dogs is not for everyone.

DEZRÉ: That’s right.

INTERVIEWER: What do you imagine your audience to be?

DEZRÉ: Adults, first and foremost.

*shared laughter*

DEZRÉ: Really, it’s a lot like the movies I mentioned. If you’re the kind of person that can’t handle action, drama, sex and complex plotting, then the Glory Dogs series is a no go for you. All of these elements are there. They’re blended into the story.

It’s not going to be all sex, but it’s not going to be no sex or limited sex either. The sex in this series is open door and explicit. That’s why it’s an erotica.

Not only that, but the stories heroine is a Prime. They are the most sensual beings in all the galaxies. Dealing with that point of view, it doesn’t make sense to right crappy sex. *shrugs* Just sayin’.

There are Sci-Fi readers out there who won’t appreciate that part of the series. Just like there are Erotica readers out there who won’t appreciate all the action and complex story line. They just want to get to the parts that will help them get their jollies.

Glory Dogs is written for the consumer that wants it all. No holding back. Lay it all on the table. *gestures outwards with palms facing down*

INTERVIEWER: Okay. I see. So, let’s get back to book one. You said Forged Through Glory’s main focus is on the relationship of Sergeant Brinks Dog and Yoland, or Kitten as she’ll be known in the rest of the series.

DEZRÉ: Right.

INTERVIEWER: Is there a particular song you would use to define book one?

DEZRÉ: Hm. Honestly, no. I have a few character songs and scene songs that I use to get my character moods and scene moods together when I need a little pick me up.

INTERVIEWER: Great. So, let’s start with Kitten. *laughs* After all, she is the main character.

DEZRÉ: *smiles* Let’s.

INTERVIEWER: How many songs have you used to get you in her mindset?

DEZRÉ: *looks skyward a moment* She has two for her character development in this installment.

INTERVIEWER: *nods* Okay. Let’s talk about one this time. Which one would you say is the strongest song that represents her personality?

DEZRÉ: “Bullet with Butterfly Wings” all the way.

INTERVIEWER: *grins* Really?

DEZRÉ: *smiles* Absolutely. When we meet Kitten, she’s a loner. She’s betrayed by her former unit. Hiding her Prime bloodline and placing her life in the hands of superiors who manipulate her. It’s nothing new to her life. But, she views the world as a taker. It’s the most ingrained character flaw she has. Trust no one. Everyone wants to use you. So, this song really speaks to how she is introduced.

INTERVIEWER: How do you use that song?

DEZRÉ: Well, in the beginning, I have to get the characters to come to me. To stick with me awhile so I can make tapping into them easier. So, to kind of *waves hands above lap* channel the characters, I use a theme song to get into the hardest part of their nature. What is it that makes them angry at the world? What represents all their hardships? What defines them in their most darkest place? Once I have that down, I can channel them without the music. In the beginning, though, it’s almost essential to listen to one of their theme songs to get in the spirit of their thinking. Sometimes I listen to it two or three times before I get writing.

INTERVIEWER: Nice. There you have it. Kitten’s dark theme song and why. That concludes our interview for Music of the Maker. Thanks for comin’ out guys. Bye.

DEZRÉ: *smiles & waves* Bye

See it here! The Smashing Pumpkins “Bullet With Butterfly Wings”

Note from DeZ:

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