Music of the Maker 1.1

Hi and welcome to Music of the Maker, I (the interviewer) am with Writer DeZré Storm to discuss how she used music to help her craft the first book of the Erotic Sci-Fi Adventure Glory Dogs Series.

INTERVIEWER: Hi DeZ! Can I call you DeZ?

DEZRÉ: *smiles* Yes. All my friends do. I don’t see why not.

Interviewer: *brow raise* Is that your real name?

DEZRÉ: *laughs* I plea the fifth.

INTERVIEWER: *smiles* Okay. We’ll just call you DeZ. Today, we’re discussing book one of the Glory Dogs Series titled Forged Through Glory. Is that correct?

DEZRÉ: *nods* That’s right.

INTERVIEWER: So, can you share with us, first, how you came up with the title?

DEZRÉ: *inhales and shifts in the seat, looking skyward* Well, when I finished the rough draft, I thought about the kind of book it was.

INTERVIEWER: Wow. You didn’t have a title until the first draft was finished?

DEZRÉ: Oh no. Not for the first book. For the second, third and so on I put titles together so I could get the covers made.

INTERVIEWER: And so on? You mean there’s more.

DEZRÉ: Oops. Yes, but not much more. Before anybody freaks out, know that through this series I’m developing and telling the story of three different people who have their own character arcs and issues. So, yeah, there’s more.


DEZRÉ: *smiles* But to answer your question, I determined the first book was intense. I have three alphas of their species on a military assignment that is…challenging. I really put them through the ringer. But, in the end, they become a real team. A family. Stronger. You know?

So, I thought of the team as being put through fire like a sword. To forge the best and strongest metal, you have to heat it and bang the crap out of it. I thought of that kind of making as exactly what I did to my team.

That’s how I got Forged. Um, then I thought about the entire series and what pushes the overall story line, and that’s the energy source: glory. The team starts out looking for glory and gets hammered by this mission. Putting those things together, I came up with Forged Through Glory. I thought the title would encompass all the team has to go through in this installment to become a team.

INTERVIEWER: You said the overall story line revolves around glory. What does that mean?

DEZRÉ: It means, follow the glory and find the answers to the team’s problems. You don’t know why their current problems center around glory yet, but there will come a point when you’ll know. By book two, you’ll know what role it plays to Brinks and Kitten. For book one, the focus is on Kitten and Dog’s relationship and how glory brings them together. Their being together really throws a monkey wrench in all their fates.

INTERVIEWER: You call the heroine Kitten and not Yoland. Why?

DEZRÉ: She prefers Kitten for the remainder of the series. It’s a part of her character development in book one. As Yoland, she considers herself separate from the team. She doesn’t feel at home in the CORE and it carries over into her place within Dog-Four Squadron. So, when she does finally accept the GEAR handle given to her by Brinks, it’s as if she feels she belongs to the team. She’s a strong presence in Dog-Four by then.

INTERVIEWER: Okay. I get it. Now that I’ve asked you a few questions, let’s get back to the music.


INTERVIEWER: If you had one song that you could reference to describe your series, what would it be?

DEZRÉ: One song! Oh, god.

*Shared laughter*

DEZRÉ: Um, that would be “When Worlds Collide”


*Shared laughter*

INTERVIEWER: I wouldn’t have expected that. Why would you pick it?

DEZRÉ: Um, because the series isn’t normal. It’s complex. It’s cross genre with a blend of action, romance, drama, erotica and sci-fi. All of my favorite things. So, I’ve meshed them together.

Plus, the introduction story, Forged Through Glory, is pretty intense. A lot like the music Powerman 5000 sings.  I like the lyrics and the music video kicks ass too. *laughs*

INTERVIEWER: What do you see in the lyrics or the video of the song that’s relevant to Glory Dogs?

DEZRÉ: The music video shows a lot of “humanoid” individuals in a party setting. For Glory Dogs, all the different characters at the club would be considered mods, or different versions of genetically modified humans. The lyrics speak to me as a writer, because I feel it’s my job to take a hold of your mind and transport you, not out of your life, but out of this galaxy. *giggles*

I don’t want you worried about the laundry, dishes or that dentist appointment. Just read and collapse space and time with me for a while. *raises finger* But, It won’t be the kind of erotica of boy meets girl and they screw. But, it’s also not the kind of sci-fi that’s all about humanities takeover or downfall.

It’s character driven with sensuality, open sexuality and story. You have to be ready for it, because if you’re a hard core erotica only reader or sci-fi only reader, it’s going to blow your mind.

FTG isn’t for everyone. It’s complex. If you like a little bit of everything *looks skyward* (Let’s say when you go to the movie theatre and the choices playing are Aliens, Intimacy and Mission Impossible, but you’ll watch all three) FTG is for you.

Even though it’s complex and Kitten’s mission is to find her father, I promise to take you on a crazy roller coaster ride and give you some hot sex along the way.

*Shared laughter*

INTERVIEWER: You also have a team of three different mods there. They have various cultures, abilities and looks, which come together as Dog-Four. But, they make a team. That can be a collision of sorts, too.

DEZRÉ: *smile* That’s right. They collide into a damn good team.

INTERVIEWER: *laughs* Before we go, do you have any special announcements you would like to share.

DEZRÉ: Oh, sure. As a heads-up, FTG will be 99 cents to celebrate the release of book two on Dec. 6th through Dec. 12. You can mark your calendar and share the news with a friend. The sale starts Sunday.

INTERVIEWER: Cool! I guess that concludes our interview for Music of the Maker. Thanks for comin’ out guys. Bye.

DEZRÉ: *smiles & waves* Bye

See it here! Powerman5000 “When Worlds Collide”

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