Music of the Maker 1.5

INTERVIEWER: Welcome to Music of the Maker, where I’m with writer DeZré Storm to discuss how she used music to help her craft the first book of her Erotic Sci-Fi Adventure Glory Dogs Series.

Today, we’re looking at the second male aspect of the series, Dog-Four Squadron Leader, Jeremy “Sanction” Weaver and what songs represent this character, who is the secondary hero of the story.

Hi, DeZ

DEZRÉ:  Hey there.

INTERVIEWER: In the previous interview, you talked about some of the struggles of writing erotica and how going into the genre was a bit of a surprise for you. What do you think is the biggest challenge of being an erotica writer?

DEZRÉ:  You know, the funny thing about writers is we all have trouble writing.

*shared laughter*

DEZRÉ:  It can be difficult to get your thoughts out, even more so when you think a story is going one way and it completely swings the next once the characters get on the page. But, in an effort to be completely honest, the Glory Dogs series is really just me doing my own thing. I didn’t want to change the red scenes or cut the sensuality of Kitten out of the story because being Prime is a part of her journey, and I just couldn’t take it away and stay true to her. So, I went with it and self published because traditional publishers weren’t particularly thrilled about her.

The biggest issue with that is being taken seriously as an erotica writer. If I say “I write erotica” it suddenly places me in a category of not being a “real writer” to many people. These people will often skip my story and not even consider it because of its classification. However, I can’t classify the work without letting the erotic nature of my heroine be known right off the bat, because I don’t want to surprise my reader.

Truly, Glory Dogs is a Sci-Fi with erotic elements, but those elements are strong enough to put it squarely in erotica.


Surprisingly, I had one reader who loves erotica, but found my books have too much story and complexity for their tastes. So, it really just all depends.  I think all cross-genre writers have the same issue of finding “their readers”. That’s the toughest part.

But, I’m confident there are plenty of people who want their sci-fi, action, adventure and mature sexual encounters all rolled into one. We’ll find each other.

INTERVIEWER:  *laughs* Indeed we will. So, let’s talk about the character you’ve labeled as your favorite in the series, Jeremy Sanction Weaver. *questioning glance * Are authors even allowed to have favorites?

DEZRÉ:  *big laugh* I’m not sure. But, I do. Is it a crime?

INTERVIEWER: *shutting left eye* I wonder if it’s a crime.

DEZRÉ:  Well, regardless, he is my favorite.

INTERVIEWER: And he’s got his own story to tell in book two?

DEZRÉ:  Yep.

INTERVIEWER: *leaning forward* What makes him your favorite?

DEZRÉ:  Oh, he’s so human. *places palm to heart* He’s a wild card. As an empath, he leaves you not too sure about what to think of him. Sanction is eclectic, to say the least. The rules in his life are loose, yet he’s very moral and unwavering.

INTERVIEWER: Does that mean he has a lot of songs?

DEZRÉ:  Surprisingly, no. I find that as the character’s move along their songs do change, but for him there are two in the first work.

INTERVIEWER: An internal and external?

DEZRÉ:  *Smiles* Man, you’re good at this game.

*shared laughter*

INTERVIEWER: It’s such a complicated system you’ve got going on here. *sarcasm*

DEZRÉ:  *grins* Indeed. Sanction is a feeler and so his songs speak mostly of his internal state, but you only get a peek at the internal nature of him in Forged Through Glory (FTG). His internal song is by Linkin Park. It’s “Crawling”.

INTERVIEWER: Interesting choice. How does he relate to that song?

DEZRÉ:  Well, when we meet Sanction, he’s a very strong character. You can count on him. You can lean on him. But, his outward appearance masks his true nature and the reality of how he thinks and feels. Because book one’s focus is on creating our mixed mod family and beginning the rocky relationship between Kitten and Dog, you only get a glimpse of how Sanction sees himself.

INTERVIEWER:  So, we get a deeper look into him in book two?

DEZRÉ:  Exactly. For the first installment, I mostly used “Crawling” and his second song (also by Linkin Park) “What I’ve Done” to define his internal character. Those songs speak more about his back story and the depths of our Phylon friend.

INTERVIEWER:  Uh-Oh. Sounds like there’s a definite internal storm going on there.

DEZRÉ:  Well, he’s an empath. *shrugs* He can feel and manipulate emotion. If he feels  negatively on a personal level about actions he may have committed, he beats himself up. I think we all know someone like that, which is why I find his character so fascinating. I mean, Dog’s cut and dry to me. All male, all alpha and a complete pain in the ass for an independent female. Sanction….well, he’s something else. He has a definite need to attach himself to Dog. I think these songs by Linkin Park reflect that.

INTERVIEWER:  And we find out why in book two?

DEZRÉ:  Yeah. I consider that his book. *grins* After all, he’s on the cover.

INTERVIEWER: *snickers and rolls eyes* Smartass.

DEZRÉ:  Yeah. I try.

*shared snickers*

INTERVIEWER: How did these songs help you in formulating his actions in FTG?

DEZRÉ:  In his case, I used the moods of these songs to give the readers hints here and there of how he truly saw himself. I think when you get to the part of the story where all hell breaks loose at the rock face, you get a good look at the level of self-loathing he endures on a daily basis.

INTERVIEWER: *light bulb moment* Oh, I get it. When they’re in the pod?

DEZRÉ:  *grins* That’s the part. I really hit you with the depths of his story and we get to explore more about why he would say such things in book two. That scene is a bit of a primer. What Sanction doesn’t know is he’s a real asset for placing the team on a collision course with destiny in Glory Among Thieves. *holds hands up palms out* But, I’m not saying anymore. No spoilers.

INTERVIEWER:  *grins* Okay, fair enough. Before we go, do you have any D Storm Novel News?

DEZRÉ:  Well, it’s February and D Storm Novels is doing February Free Friday’s again this year. We are offering FTG for free every Friday this month.

INTERVIEWER: Well, that’s our installment for the week. Join us next time when we talk about scene soundtrack selections and get some cool songs to listen too during parts of the novel.

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Music of the Maker 1.4

Welcome to Music of the Maker:

INTERVIEWER: Welcome to Music of the Maker, where I’m with writer DeZré Storm to discuss how she used music to help her craft the first book of the Erotic Sci-Fi Adventure Glory Dogs Series.

Today, we’re looking at the male aspect of the series, Dog-Four Squadron’s Sergeant, Brinks “Watch” Dog and what songs represent this character, who is the main hero of the story.

Once again, before we get started, in the previous interview you mentioned having a hard time getting into the erotic mindset. For all those writers out there that may be having the same issue, what advice can you give them?

DEZRÉ:  For me, I did a lot of research. When I say research, I mean looking over “how to” books and reading a lot of smut. *grin* A lot. I think it’s important to know what kind of stories score high smut ratings so you can wrap your head around what type of writing you’ll be doing.

Also, pay attention to which phrases or circumstances within the story strike the best response in you as a writer. That gives you an idea of what works.

INTERVIEWER: Hm. That seems strange. Your scenes don’t come across as smut.

DEZRÉ:  I tend to tie a lot more spirituality into my red scenes. By spirituality, I don’t mean religious stuff, but the deeper energetic connection between participants. I can handle the description of soul unity. With my kind of outlook on the human connection, one can lose all the hot bits of the interaction. It’s a delicate balance for me to have both steam and connection. I normally have to work at the steam. Like I said, I’m not a natural erotica writer. Kitten’s mod makes sexual interactions a necessity.

INTERVIEWER: Does that mean future titles won’t contain sexual interactions?

DEZRÉ:  *laughs* Kitten kind of opened up a can of worms for me. I didn’t expect to be writing in this genre, but as my debut heroine, I’m stuck with it. I felt her story needed to be told and she brought some very interesting men along with her with stories of their own. It was a leap a faith for both of us. I might not satisfy every erotica lover out there, but those whom become my fans can rest assured I’ll continue to provide quality red scenes. No matter how much I have to research. *grins* It’s not like the research is torture or anything.

INTERVIEWER: Phew. I got scared for a minute.

*shared laughter*

DEZRÉ:  I’m grateful you enjoy my writing and characters.

INTERVIEWER: Knowing the detail behind your creations help.

DEZRÉ:  *smiles* And, that’s why we’re here, to talk about your favorite boy toy, Brinks Dog.

INTERVIEWER: *smiles* Oh yes. His theme song. He’s graced with two as well. Can I assume he has both an external and internal motivational tune?

DEZRÉ:  *nods* That tends to be the way of it.

INTERVIEWER: So which band gets to represent the universes best built bad ass? *snicker*

DEZRÉ:  5FDP! Of course.

*shared laughter*

INTERVIEWER: That’s definitely a kick ass band.

DEZRÉ:  Agreed. Brinks takes both his songs from Five Finger Death Punch. I think we both know what his external song is:

*in unison* “Bad Company”

*shared laughter*

DEZRÉ:  You got it. He takes this song on in part because he is a Helion and the universes best built bad ass, as you call him. Then there’s the obvious rocky relationship with Kitten.

INTERVIEWER: Will those two ever get along…outside of the bedroom, I mean?

DEZRÉ:  Ugh. Those two. *rolls eyes* I’m not going to spoil it for you. Just hang in there.

INTERVIEWER: Well, crap. *grins* You know I’m a 5FDP fan too.

DEZRÉ:  *nods* I think maybe that’s why you like him so much. You can relate to him through his theme songs. His internal song, Far From Home, shows a softer side.

INTERVIEWER: *gasp* I love that song.

DEZRÉ:  For Brinks, the song really touches on how he feels about his relationship with his family, and his people. It shows a longing for acceptance and the inability to touch the goodness that is Atiana. I mean, he is casted away and it has a profound effect on him, even though he is built like a human tank.

He gets brief moments of goodness with Kitten in this installment and then it all gets ripped away, which helps drive home how much of Atiana’s heaven he’s missing. Really, it’s his companions which introduce new concepts to him and help develop his character throughout the series.

INTERVIEWER: And there’s no better side kick out there for a Helion than Jeremy.

DEZRÉ:  I would say Phylons in general work well with Helions. Sanction makes him a better leader, but Kitten makes him a better man. You can’t be an alpha without being both.

INTERVIEWER: Will we be seeing anymore Phylons in the story?

DEZRÉ:  Oh yeah. They’re coming. You’ll be seeing a lot more of this world and not just in the Glory Dogs series.

INTERVIEWER: Oh yay! *raises fists overhead* Well thanks for coming out today to share the songs of my big hottie.

DEZRÉ:  *laughs* You’re welcomed.

INTERVIEWER: That’s our installment for this week. Join us next time when we talk about everyone’s favorite Phylon, Jeremy “Sanction” Weaver. Before we go, do you have an D Storm Novel News?

DEZRÉ:  Oh yeah, D Storm Novels is doing a giveaway this week of its SPICE brand book “Have Your Cake” by Author D.S. Roi. You can enter to win 1 of 5 ebook copies at

Contest ends Jan. 22, 2016.

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Music of the Maker 1.3

Welcome to Music of the Maker:

INTERVIEWER: Hi everyone, and welcome back to Music of the Maker, where I (the interviewer) am with writer DeZré Storm to discuss how she used music to help her craft the first book of the Erotic Sci-Fi Adventure Glory Dogs Series.

Happy New Year DeZ.

DEZRÉ:  Happy New Year to you and all my fans. I hope you all had a safe and fabulous holiday.

INTERVIEWER: I know I did. *grin* Before we get started with discussing your rocking Glory Dogs soundtrack, give me the scoop. What projects are on the table, or should I say tablet, this year?

DEZRÉ: OMG. *sighs* I keep myself covered up pretty well. Mainly because my muse is not trainable. *laughs*. D Storm Novels has two brands. Author D.S Roi writes sweet multicultural romances under the S.P.I.C.E brand. In that line there are four projects in the works.


DEZRÉ: Yes. See? Pretty covered up. Then there is the W.H.O.A brand that you love with all the sci-fi action and erotica. Under that brand there are two projects. And yes, Glory Dogs Book 3 is one of them.

INTERVIEWER: Wow. That is busy.

DEZRÉ: *shrugs* That’s how I roll. As far as the Glory Dogs series goes, I’ve got some characters that I’ll be bringing through on a freebie. The unfinished title is Project E. It’s rolling along really well and I hope to have it out later this year.  Project E will take place in the Glory Dog world, but will have an all new cast of characters and situations.

INTERVIEWER: Yay! Great news for all us Glory Dog lovers.

DEZRÉ: *smiles* I’m glad you’re happy.

INTERVIEWER: Thanks for sharing. Let’s get started with the music, shall we?

DEZRÉ: Let’s do this.

*shared laughter*

INTERVIEWER: Today, we’re continuing to look at the heroine of the series, Yoland “Kitten” Sleek. In the previous interview, DeZ, you mentioned often using songs to “channel” a character.  What role does Kitten’s second character song play?

DEZRÉ:  The second song for her shows a softer side. It’s like a longing of the heart. She seeks safety for her family, but has endured a lifestyle that doesn’t provide that. In response, she tosses herself out of one dangerous profession into another with efforts to have safety provided.

INTERVIEWER: Kind of an out of the frying pan and into the fire situation?

DEZRÉ:  Well, I would call it more of an out of the fire and into the frying pan situation. Though becoming a member of the CORE is dangerous, it provides her a level of physical protection her normal world doesn’t. So, it seems like a plus to her. The song she chose to represent her internal longing is Royals by Lorde.

See it here! Lorde Royals

INTERVIEWER: When dealing with your main characters, do they ever share a song?

DEZRÉ: *Chortle* Yeah. Funny you would ask that. There was a song that I played in order to get into the erotic mindset of Sergeant Brinks Dog. When I started writing this series, I had no intention of being an erotica author, so I had to try and capture the carnal mind.

INTERVIEWER: What do you mean by not intending to be an erotica author?

DEZRÉ: I actually started out wanting to write romantic suspense. In the process of failing to do so,*smiles* I started writing FTG. So, here I was, a member of a romantic suspense chapter churning out tons of Sci-Fi. What made the book erotic was Kitten. As a Prime, she had to represent an intensely erotic nature, and she hated that side of her. The best thing I could do to bring out that part of her was shove her in front of an animal.

*shared laughter*

INTERVIEWER: I take it that animal was Sergeant Brinks Dog?

DEZRÉ: *nods* Absolutely. She was the worst thing that could happen to him. Her introduction disrupts his thinking, command and ability to stay on his own mission filled with family issues. Having to deal with these two nut cases definitely brought my focus to both their erotic natures. I really had to work at interjecting that into the book. Not that you could tell.

INTERVIEWER: *laughs* I would never have guessed that. With the amount of sensuality in the novel, it seems second nature.

DEZRÉ: It is to Yoland, but not for me. Since the story is character driven and the Prime are a pleasure breed, I had to work extra at it. Erotic thinking isn’t my strength. I had to research and practice writing the scenes. Having a song that expresses the purely carnal side of humanity really helped me focus on that part of the story. It was Closer by Nine Inch Nails that really helped me express the longing Brinks has for Kitten.

INTERVIEWER: Oh, that one’s candid.

DEZRÉ: Yep. It’s very carnal, up front and crude, *grins* just like Brinks. I think the song represents the unrefined and animalistic nature of humanity. Unrefined is definitely how the Helion people are seen by all the other mods in the story.

See it here! Nine Inch Nails (Director’s Cut) *CONTAINS NUDITY*

INTERVIEWER: Since you had two songs for Kitten, does that mean you have more than one for Brinks as well?

DEZRÉ: *smiles* Yep.

INTERVIEWER: Great. We’ll discuss that on the next installment.

DEZRÉ: Cool. Thanks for having me. See ya next time.

Note from DeZ:

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Music of the Maker 1.2

FTG 99 centsWelcome to Music of the Maker:

INTERVIEWER: Hi everyone, and welcome back to Music of the Maker, where I (the interviewer) am with Writer DeZré Storm to discuss how she used music to help her craft the first book of the Erotic Sci-Fi Adventure Glory Dogs Series.

*looks to DeZ* What’s up, DeZ?

DEZRÉ: *grins* Hello, and thanks for having me. It’s nice to see you again.

INTERVIEWER: You as well. Now, I’ve been looking over the last interview and it raised some additional questions outside of music.

DEZRÉ: I don’t mind. Fire away.

INTERVIEWER: Great! Here we are on the release week of book 2: Glory Among Thieves. Yet, in the last installment, you mentioned that Glory Dogs is not for everyone.

DEZRÉ: That’s right.

INTERVIEWER: What do you imagine your audience to be?

DEZRÉ: Adults, first and foremost.

*shared laughter*

DEZRÉ: Really, it’s a lot like the movies I mentioned. If you’re the kind of person that can’t handle action, drama, sex and complex plotting, then the Glory Dogs series is a no go for you. All of these elements are there. They’re blended into the story.

It’s not going to be all sex, but it’s not going to be no sex or limited sex either. The sex in this series is open door and explicit. That’s why it’s an erotica.

Not only that, but the stories heroine is a Prime. They are the most sensual beings in all the galaxies. Dealing with that point of view, it doesn’t make sense to right crappy sex. *shrugs* Just sayin’.

There are Sci-Fi readers out there who won’t appreciate that part of the series. Just like there are Erotica readers out there who won’t appreciate all the action and complex story line. They just want to get to the parts that will help them get their jollies.

Glory Dogs is written for the consumer that wants it all. No holding back. Lay it all on the table. *gestures outwards with palms facing down*

INTERVIEWER: Okay. I see. So, let’s get back to book one. You said Forged Through Glory’s main focus is on the relationship of Sergeant Brinks Dog and Yoland, or Kitten as she’ll be known in the rest of the series.

DEZRÉ: Right.

INTERVIEWER: Is there a particular song you would use to define book one?

DEZRÉ: Hm. Honestly, no. I have a few character songs and scene songs that I use to get my character moods and scene moods together when I need a little pick me up.

INTERVIEWER: Great. So, let’s start with Kitten. *laughs* After all, she is the main character.

DEZRÉ: *smiles* Let’s.

INTERVIEWER: How many songs have you used to get you in her mindset?

DEZRÉ: *looks skyward a moment* She has two for her character development in this installment.

INTERVIEWER: *nods* Okay. Let’s talk about one this time. Which one would you say is the strongest song that represents her personality?

DEZRÉ: “Bullet with Butterfly Wings” all the way.

INTERVIEWER: *grins* Really?

DEZRÉ: *smiles* Absolutely. When we meet Kitten, she’s a loner. She’s betrayed by her former unit. Hiding her Prime bloodline and placing her life in the hands of superiors who manipulate her. It’s nothing new to her life. But, she views the world as a taker. It’s the most ingrained character flaw she has. Trust no one. Everyone wants to use you. So, this song really speaks to how she is introduced.

INTERVIEWER: How do you use that song?

DEZRÉ: Well, in the beginning, I have to get the characters to come to me. To stick with me awhile so I can make tapping into them easier. So, to kind of *waves hands above lap* channel the characters, I use a theme song to get into the hardest part of their nature. What is it that makes them angry at the world? What represents all their hardships? What defines them in their most darkest place? Once I have that down, I can channel them without the music. In the beginning, though, it’s almost essential to listen to one of their theme songs to get in the spirit of their thinking. Sometimes I listen to it two or three times before I get writing.

INTERVIEWER: Nice. There you have it. Kitten’s dark theme song and why. That concludes our interview for Music of the Maker. Thanks for comin’ out guys. Bye.

DEZRÉ: *smiles & waves* Bye

See it here! The Smashing Pumpkins “Bullet With Butterfly Wings”

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Music of the Maker 1.1

Hi and welcome to Music of the Maker, I (the interviewer) am with Writer DeZré Storm to discuss how she used music to help her craft the first book of the Erotic Sci-Fi Adventure Glory Dogs Series.

INTERVIEWER: Hi DeZ! Can I call you DeZ?

DEZRÉ: *smiles* Yes. All my friends do. I don’t see why not.

Interviewer: *brow raise* Is that your real name?

DEZRÉ: *laughs* I plea the fifth.

INTERVIEWER: *smiles* Okay. We’ll just call you DeZ. Today, we’re discussing book one of the Glory Dogs Series titled Forged Through Glory. Is that correct?

DEZRÉ: *nods* That’s right.

INTERVIEWER: So, can you share with us, first, how you came up with the title?

DEZRÉ: *inhales and shifts in the seat, looking skyward* Well, when I finished the rough draft, I thought about the kind of book it was.

INTERVIEWER: Wow. You didn’t have a title until the first draft was finished?

DEZRÉ: Oh no. Not for the first book. For the second, third and so on I put titles together so I could get the covers made.

INTERVIEWER: And so on? You mean there’s more.

DEZRÉ: Oops. Yes, but not much more. Before anybody freaks out, know that through this series I’m developing and telling the story of three different people who have their own character arcs and issues. So, yeah, there’s more.


DEZRÉ: *smiles* But to answer your question, I determined the first book was intense. I have three alphas of their species on a military assignment that is…challenging. I really put them through the ringer. But, in the end, they become a real team. A family. Stronger. You know?

So, I thought of the team as being put through fire like a sword. To forge the best and strongest metal, you have to heat it and bang the crap out of it. I thought of that kind of making as exactly what I did to my team.

That’s how I got Forged. Um, then I thought about the entire series and what pushes the overall story line, and that’s the energy source: glory. The team starts out looking for glory and gets hammered by this mission. Putting those things together, I came up with Forged Through Glory. I thought the title would encompass all the team has to go through in this installment to become a team.

INTERVIEWER: You said the overall story line revolves around glory. What does that mean?

DEZRÉ: It means, follow the glory and find the answers to the team’s problems. You don’t know why their current problems center around glory yet, but there will come a point when you’ll know. By book two, you’ll know what role it plays to Brinks and Kitten. For book one, the focus is on Kitten and Dog’s relationship and how glory brings them together. Their being together really throws a monkey wrench in all their fates.

INTERVIEWER: You call the heroine Kitten and not Yoland. Why?

DEZRÉ: She prefers Kitten for the remainder of the series. It’s a part of her character development in book one. As Yoland, she considers herself separate from the team. She doesn’t feel at home in the CORE and it carries over into her place within Dog-Four Squadron. So, when she does finally accept the GEAR handle given to her by Brinks, it’s as if she feels she belongs to the team. She’s a strong presence in Dog-Four by then.

INTERVIEWER: Okay. I get it. Now that I’ve asked you a few questions, let’s get back to the music.


INTERVIEWER: If you had one song that you could reference to describe your series, what would it be?

DEZRÉ: One song! Oh, god.

*Shared laughter*

DEZRÉ: Um, that would be “When Worlds Collide”


*Shared laughter*

INTERVIEWER: I wouldn’t have expected that. Why would you pick it?

DEZRÉ: Um, because the series isn’t normal. It’s complex. It’s cross genre with a blend of action, romance, drama, erotica and sci-fi. All of my favorite things. So, I’ve meshed them together.

Plus, the introduction story, Forged Through Glory, is pretty intense. A lot like the music Powerman 5000 sings.  I like the lyrics and the music video kicks ass too. *laughs*

INTERVIEWER: What do you see in the lyrics or the video of the song that’s relevant to Glory Dogs?

DEZRÉ: The music video shows a lot of “humanoid” individuals in a party setting. For Glory Dogs, all the different characters at the club would be considered mods, or different versions of genetically modified humans. The lyrics speak to me as a writer, because I feel it’s my job to take a hold of your mind and transport you, not out of your life, but out of this galaxy. *giggles*

I don’t want you worried about the laundry, dishes or that dentist appointment. Just read and collapse space and time with me for a while. *raises finger* But, It won’t be the kind of erotica of boy meets girl and they screw. But, it’s also not the kind of sci-fi that’s all about humanities takeover or downfall.

It’s character driven with sensuality, open sexuality and story. You have to be ready for it, because if you’re a hard core erotica only reader or sci-fi only reader, it’s going to blow your mind.

FTG isn’t for everyone. It’s complex. If you like a little bit of everything *looks skyward* (Let’s say when you go to the movie theatre and the choices playing are Aliens, Intimacy and Mission Impossible, but you’ll watch all three) FTG is for you.

Even though it’s complex and Kitten’s mission is to find her father, I promise to take you on a crazy roller coaster ride and give you some hot sex along the way.

*Shared laughter*

INTERVIEWER: You also have a team of three different mods there. They have various cultures, abilities and looks, which come together as Dog-Four. But, they make a team. That can be a collision of sorts, too.

DEZRÉ: *smile* That’s right. They collide into a damn good team.

INTERVIEWER: *laughs* Before we go, do you have any special announcements you would like to share.

DEZRÉ: Oh, sure. As a heads-up, FTG will be 99 cents to celebrate the release of book two on Dec. 6th through Dec. 12. You can mark your calendar and share the news with a friend. The sale starts Sunday.

INTERVIEWER: Cool! I guess that concludes our interview for Music of the Maker. Thanks for comin’ out guys. Bye.

DEZRÉ: *smiles & waves* Bye

See it here! Powerman5000 “When Worlds Collide”